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Cape Privacy+Snowflake

How We Work Together

  1. The data is client-side encrypted.
  2. The encrypted data is uploaded to Snowflake.
  3. The user submits a query to Snowflake.
  4. Cape securely processes a prediction on the encrypted data.
  5. The prediction results are shared back with the user through Snowflake.

Cape’s platform uses secure multiparty computation (MPC) to operationalize the data securely, avoiding a single point of failure and enabling computations on data that was previously inaccessible.

Instead, encrypted data can now be transferred to a third-party data cloud, along with whatever models you choose, and run predictions using the encrypted data. Because the data is never decrypted, privacy and security compliance are assured.

Predictive AI for Financial Services

Using Cape Privacy to gain access to new sources of protected data without having to decrypt it means that financial services firms can obtain a more precise understanding of market trends, their customers, and product performance at a level of detail that was previously not possible.

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More Precise Credit & Market Risk Calculations

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Better Personalization of Customer Services

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More Accurate Financial Fraud Detection

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Know Your Customer (KYC) Compliance

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Improved Algorithmic Trading and Alpha Generation

Recognized by the Industry

Cape Privacy has recently been recognized in Gartner’s 2021 AI Trust, Risk & Security Management (TRiSM) Market Guide, Matt Turck’s 2021 Machine Learning, AI and Data (MAD) Landscape, and was named a 2021 RSA Innovation Sandbox Finalist.

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