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Cape Privacy + Snowflake: Securing Data and Maximizing the Power of AI in the Data Cloud


Cape Privacy + Snowflake: Secure a Path to Better Decisions

In financial services, there has traditionally been friction between the collection and use of personally identifiable information (PII) and payment card information (PCI) because of the risk of exposure and abuse. Regulatory restrictions have kept financial services firms from putting that valuable data to use, and the steps required to protect sensitive data create conflict with its use for generating valuable business intelligence.

Encryption is the cornerstone of any data protection and compliance program, but encrypted data is difficult to work with for creating predictive intelligence. Cape Privacy enables businesses to run predictive models on previously inaccessible encrypted data in Snowflake–without decryption.  

Cape Privacy complements Snowflake’s secure data sharing and multi-party permissioning capabilities to fully utilize the full array of AI and data modeling tools available in Snowflake.

 In this brief, you will:

  • Get an introduction to the Cape Privacy + Snowflake solution

  • Learn how to extract value from data like PII and PCI while preserving privacy

  • Discover how Cape Privacy applies to use cases like Credit Scoring, Fraud detection, and Financial product performance

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